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Web design questionnaire

This is your opportunity to tell us why you need a website and what the website should achieve. The more information you give us here, the better the solution we will be able to provide. Ignore any questions that are not relevant.

We'd love to work with you to build your new website, or improve the one that you already have. We would like to start that project with a discussion about your vision and requirements for the site but, to make this discussion as productive as possible, we ask you to complete this questionnaire. It will help you to identify your requirements more clearly, and avoid spending unnecessary time on these questions during our meeting.
  • I know, you want me to tell you how much it will cost. But the truth is, I can build you a website for anything from a few hundred pounds, up to tens of thousands of pounds. What I put into the development of your site will be driven by the budget you have available.
  • eg: research product information, get contact details, ask questions about services, pricing, make an online purchase
  • If you can provide the text and pictures for your site, that's great. If you want us to provide the content, we will need to budget for information gathering, copywriting, photography, etc.
  • eg Call us, Buy now, sign-up, donate, etc.
  • eg blog, events, picture galleries, etc
  • eg 4-5, home, about us, contact us, our services
  • Whilst we always design our sites with SEO in mind, there are certain considerations that must be born in mind when agreeing a budget for developing a website. Will you want us to optimise content that you provide? Will you want us to undertake keyword analysis? Will you require us to manage pay per click campaigns for you? Will you want us to provide support for link exchange and registration of your site with web directories? Will you want us to help with social media campaigns? Will you require any other support with SEO?